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Case Results

Our Results in both Punitive and Compensatory Damages

You don't have to take our word for it when we say that we get results for our clients. Just take a look at what we've achieved in the past. Please remember that the results of previous cases are no guarantee of a similar outcome in your unique situation.

  • In R.J. Reynolds v. Sikes, a jury awarded $4 million in compensatory damages and $2 million in punitive damages for the wrongful death of the plaintiff's husband.
  • In R.J. Reynolds v. Bowman, A jury awarded $1.5 million for the wrongful death of the plaintiff's husband.
  • In Montiel v. Seevers, an auto accident case, the insurance company would not initially offer anything over $10,000. We took the case to a jury successfully, and ultimately the verdict was upheld by First District Court of Appeals. Finally, the insurance company was required to pay over $700,000 by the end of the case.

In all of these cases, our tenacity and resolve made the difference for people in need of hope after devastating events. Let us do the same for you. Reach out for more information about our previous work and how we can apply our experience to help your case.

Every case is unique, the results in one case do not necessarily indicate the value of another case, and most cases result in lower recovery. It should not be assumed that your case will have as beneficial a result as others.

Recoveries are before deduction for attorneys' fees and expenses. Verdicts are before reduction for comparative negligence, setoffs, and any other settlement agreements.

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